Childhood Dreams...

When I return right back to the basics and discover as far beyond as I can possibly remember there's a mysterious kingdom which lies in the very heart of a hidden and secret France.

It's a kingdom that is steeped in sumptuous landscapes, mountains and breathtaking natural wonders. Delightfully undercrowded villages that are overcrowded with charm and passion, enchanting rivers that twist and turn through the sage green hillsides. The dream is a privilege that regenerates the spirit and fills it with an immense and incomparable happiness. It's full of the sweetness of life and simplicity, a haven of peace and tranquillity. It's a dream of celebrations and of pleasures and it bursts with the rich odours of the perfume of childhood.

Yet this childhood dream is also a reality. It was the holiday of a lifetime, a memory making experience that was more than just a departure to a distant land. To offer interaction with such a magical place gave richness to a first vacation that awakened the senses and created a lasting impression.


Camp close to Brive La Gaillarde and embrace the beauty of nature

Family holidays are about an exchange of curiosities, they are about a change of scenery and a feeling of personal restoration and peace. At Miel we understand the passionate dream, which is why we create a harmonious atmosphere the minute you set foot in the Centre Touristique.

You'll find the Miel Camping nestling comfortably in the beautiful Brive Basin and surrounded by breathtaking landscapes and lakes. Discover it's wonderful region full of charms and flavours – the infamous tourist sites of the Corrèze, the heart-breaking charm of the Lot and the warmth and deliciousness of the Dordogne.

Perfectly located on the crossroads of the A20 for Paris or Toulouse and the A89 for either Lyon or Bordeaux, the destination has always been popular and appreciated by all. Offering both freshness and sunshine, the climate is adorably pleasant and the landscapes are not only variable but they're drenched in historic wealth and traditionally lively and warm charm. It's the dream environment for both family and friends alike and can provide discovery and activities that will stop you wanting to go home. Take a trip to the beautiful town of Brive La Gaillarde and browse through it's fabulous Saturday market or maybe visit the captivating museum. Visit Sarlat, eat ice cream whilst weaving your way through the golden buildings and treading the cobbled streets. Or prepare yourselves for an astonishing experience by taking yourselves to Rocamadour or the Gouffre de Padirac. And with its vast territory also comes the influence of its local gastronomy. The simple and natural style of cuisine takes inspiration from the local production. Savour in the flavours of the farmyards, revel in its freshness, don't miss out on the deeply pungent cheeses and confit de canard... and wash it all down with a sumptuous glass of summertime Rosé wine...

...the list of visits and experiences are impossibly endless and the magic of the surrounding area is like no other – Miel, a childhood dream that just keeps giving.

Welcome to the Lac de Miel full of multi-coloured fascination and beauty

The Camping at the Lac de Miel is a destination of choice. It provides easy access for caravans and camping cars alike and is one of the main sites for green tourism. It groups together seductive landscapes with biodiversity and is as varied as it is exceptional. Here at Miel, we treasure transquillity and the lake is for family enjoyment only which is why we reject the use of motorboats.

Bring your family to the campsite in Miel and marvel at the lake and surroundings. Embrace the wildlife, see the squirrels hopping around and gaze at the birdlife and rabbits that jump through the fields in the distance. And depending on the time of year, collect Cèpe mushrooms in the autumn or maybe a chestnut or two...

At all times of the year the colour pallet changes, be a part Miel in Summer for the sparkling blue waters and rich green hillsides. In Autumn for that deep and penetrating golden beauty that stirs the emotions from within... or visit in Springtime for the heyday of hedgerow flowers that are beginning to embrace the newness of the year.

Bathing in nature, in the heart of the Dordogne Valley, you'll discover the multi-faceted Lac de Miel and be enchanted by the surrounding magic. It's because of this exceptional and natural setting, on the banks of the lake in the very heart of its forest that it's the place to come for a unique vacation. It constantly offers a favourable climate and untamed landscapes and will reveal an original and rich flora and fauna. It's the touristic centre that keeps its promises and is designed to measure up to your needs and desires for a camping holiday. Providing large camping zones and all on the shores of a 12-hectare lake, Miel offers a wide range of accommodation all with direct access to the beach.


Combining camping with lakeside nature

In the summertime, Lac de Miel becomes a veritable oasis, particularly for kids. It's the ideal place for a simple moment to refresh thoughts and spend a holiday that's devoted to relaxation whilst taking full advantage of the water sports on offer. From canoeing to paddle and pedalo's or beach volleyball, fishing and hiking... there is a plethora of choice on offer. Yet don't forget, the water has been deemed to be of an exceptional quality for swimming and temperatures in the summertime are a comfortable and refreshing variable of between 25 to 30°C.

Lac de Miel has been labelled “Blue Flag” under the ZNIEFF program which is the mark of environmental quality concerning the water, flora and fauna surrounding the zone.

Lifeguards are present during the months of July and August.



Camping Domaine Lac de Miel Camping Domaine Lac de Miel Camping Domaine Lac de Miel
Camping Domaine Lac de Miel Camping Domaine Lac de Miel Camping Domaine Lac de Miel