Markets around the campsite

Brive la Gaillarde, the market that's unlike the others
Savour the land

Experience a taste of honour!

To visit Brive market is about eating well. The produce is fresh and the discoveries are waiting for you. It's a voyage of learning about the art of real living with flavours of France that are generous and plentiful. It's perpetual honesty and goodness is to be welcomed with open arms and you can soak up the atmopshere with aplomb. Breathe in the odours of garlic and pungent cheeses, taste the fresh fruits which have been newly collected for the occasion.

The rendez vous for this fabulous and exquisite experience is each Saturday morning in Brive centre. It's reputed for gastronomy and is simply imbued with an effervescent vibe that is addictive. The producers are interactive and humerous, they'll take time to demonstrate their wares, you'll be able to take your kids and hop through the stalls, learn about the local cuisine and revel in it's pallet of colour and beauty.

And all just a quick 15 minute hop from your camping doorstep!

Corrèzien Night Markets - an outdoor experience you'll not want to miss!

And just when you thought it couldn't get any better... there's the incredible phenomena of the Corrèzien night markets. Each and every night of the week a different village will bring together their local farmers and producers. They set up their stalls, the locals place the biggest barbecues you've ever seen in the village square. Then it's the tressle tables, the chairs - then the band starts playing. One week an accordian player, the next a jazz trio. The following week a blues band, the next week some rockabilly. What next you ask? You purchase your dinne, your villager cooks it in front of you - sometimes you cook it yourself - then you place yourself at the tressle table, pop the cork, raise a glass of wine in honour of your fabulous holiday and then dance the night away on a belly full of local goodness! Your helpful reception desk at the campsite can send you into the right direction... just ask.

Sunday Mornings in the Village of Beynat

Sunday morning in Beynat is where you'll experience French life at it's finest, so to live like a local, you'll need to take yourself into the village for your morning coffee and croissant and begin your journey. Beginning at the crack of dawn and running through until lunchtime, browse through the market stalls, maybe buy some bread and cheese for your midday picnic. Taste the wine from the nearby vineyards and breathe in the heady aroma of nature. If you're caming at the Lac de Miel, it's right on your doorstep so pack up the kids, take your shopping bag and get experiencing the true French way of life.

Camping Miel les marchés de région

Camping Miel les marchés de région Camping Miel les marchés de région
Camping Miel les marchés de région Camping Miel les marchés de région Camping Miel les marchés de région