The lake

Miel Lake

Camping Lac de MielBathing or camping at the lake

If you're planning a holiday and want to camp by a lake in an area of naturally outstanding beauty then Camping in Correze is the perfect solution. However, if you're looking for something extra special, camping at Miel is the icing on the camping cake. Situated right on the banks of the Lac de Miel our campground provides you with a lake that's perfect for swimming, canoeing, fishing or just plain paddling in. Open for such activities from May to late September - with an extension for fishing - the lake is fed by spring water and closely monitored during the summer months. With it's pristine sandy beaches and beautifully maintained waters we ensure that it remains that way. The beach itself is free from dog walking and cleaned and raked over daily by the local commune. It's perfect for young children and families and offers a fabulous diving board mid lake and a spiral slide for family fun and frolics. Pedalos and canoeing are at the disposal of each and every visitor and you don't need to be camping to spend a day on the beach or swim in the lake.


The Blue Flag

Camping Lac de Miel Drapeau bleuThe Blue Flag - a label that's not awarded lightly! The Blue Flag is a symbol of quality but above all it's a symbol of environmental excellence which. We are proud of our Blue Flag label as we are passionate about, and represent; the epitomy of Green Tourism!

Each year the Blue Flag promotes waterways and zones that continue to lead a sustainable development policy in the tourism sector.

As a tourist that visits a Blue Flag beach you'll receive the guarantee that you've chosen a site that has a certain number of facilities to maintain a comfortable moment. You'll be guaranteed a water quality whilst bathing, sure to find sufficient trash cans for your waste and also know that you'll have somewhere to freshen up onsite. You'll also be offered an area that is known for its beauty and natural fauna and flora.

It takes a lot of hard work to maintain our badge but it also takes a great deal of awareness. Being passionate about nature and the environment we are constantly striving to keep our Blue Flag well and truly in place and hope you appreciate it as much as we do.

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Village Life - Beynat

Camping at the Lac de Miel - Green Tourism Certified

Just a two minute jaunt from the Lake you'll find the adorable & dynamic village of Beynat. Noted for it's energy, and passion for nature, it's a must see for anyone spending their holiday at the Lac de Miel Camping. Beynats appeal is effortless and their activities are endless. With a produce packed Sunday morning market, a Thursday evening get together where stall holders present their finest foods which you purchase and then barbecue - and then tuck into your dinner with the rest of the villagers. Book festivals, chestnut festivals, rugby matches and football tournaments... the list goes on... and on... and on! You'll never be lost for something to do in Beynat.

Camping du lac de Miel plage du Lac Camping du lac de Miel plage du Lac Camping du lac de Miel plage du Lac

Green Tourism is in Beynat... and at the Lac de Miel!

ZNIEFF Certified

What is ZNIEFF ?

It's this...  Zone Naturelle d’Intérêt Écologique Faunique & Floristique

But let's simplify that for you. It's an Ecological Zone particularly noted for its Fauna and Flora

We are one of the environments biggest fans, so we've also teamed up with the departments environmental agency to work in partnership


And you can take a free ZNIEFF tour which is a circuit of around 2.5 kms where you'll discover the fauna and flora in abundance. Don't forget to check out the rare and magnificent blue dragonfly - if you look hard enough you'll also see a rare species of carnivorous plant!

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Group Fomulas :

  • Formula « talk on the surround landscapes » - An ecological approach on the environment and spatial planning
  • Formula « taking action in the environment » - Integrating within the environment - a concept of sustainable development
  • Formula « orientation & tracking » - Place yourself at the Lac de Miel, learn how to use a compass and orientate your way through the fauna and flora

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Camping Lac de Miel Znieff Camping Lac de Miel Znieff Camping Lac de Miel Znieff Camping Lac de Miel Znieff